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    The Red Poppy         Ladies: Mulan!

Animal Honorary TriGurlz Cissy & Peaches!

Hey Hey We're the Tri Girls (Barbiebratt)

Hey, hey, how about some props to BarbieBratt & MusicMan for our funtastic theme song! Hey, hey! (Much love to The Monkees!)

Now you can call our TriGurlz

Hotline! (347) 881-3704

[email protected]

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Scotty & Lauren. The cutest boy & girl bookends ever.

The trouble with girls- Scotty McCreery (thank you Scotty :))

If youve yet to hear of them, allow me the honor Introducing The Dynamic Duo Charlotte & Jonathan!

Passenger - Let Her Go & Puppy Love Ad

Gorgeous covers by  charlez360

Missing Babies
 Touching poem by Keith Walker

Love always James Avery

God welcome you home, Paul Walker

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See this video about Reckless! A Filly after my own heart! Thanx Member JaNice for sending this!

A special hello & thanks to the kind sir & his fellows from Society for the Creative Anachronism: The Current Middle Ages! Local NYC group The Crown Province of Ostgardr. Learn mpre about them at (general site) & (local site) See photo album Viking Festival 5/18/13

    Here is the newest composition by Princess Peaches!

      That was some nap! Its 2021!!

Do it by Ikson
Stream/buy Ikson music:
Soundcloud: @ikson

              The Einstein Plushie!

The presale is over Thanks to all that participated! Still enjoy this cute ad!

The Great Gatsby Party & Jazz Club Grand Opening!

March 30 2019 marks the grand opening of Dukes new jazz club party on Twinity! I was there & it was awesome!

Brooklyn Blues music video shoot.

Although we didnt travel by trike I consider this a joint Trigurlz/ Birdie Babies adventure lol
Shot August 6th 2017 in Williamsburg Brooklyn NYC

  Happy Adoption Day!

Yes, today marks the 3rd anniversary of Princess Peaches becoming a member of our lil Happy Nut family! Its so hard to believe isnt it? (My my my Im gettin all misty eyed lol) How have we ever been without her? Its so unreal! We just celebrated her 14th birthday on June 16th & did so at 1 of her favorite places, her Park! (Let it be known that from here on Prospect Park is to be known as Princess Peaches Park. So be it!)

      Happy Valentines Day!



Gorgeous special for as little as $19..99! Including a box of chocolates & free vase!

                 Oh the love!

Here is my new Birdie Babies website! Yaaaaaa!!!!

October 5, 2016 Its "Peach" Fest!

       "The Peach!" series mugs are here!

Cartoonist sketch of "The Peach! by artist Rich Coder

My photo of "The Peach!" by the waterfalls in  Prospect Park.

                                    Feb 25 2016
Groupon Honors Wheel Fun Rentals with Best of Groupon 2016    (details on blog page)

TriGurlz Brooklyn Chapter!

Good to have you here. Well our mission is to have a great time! Meet new people & explore new places! From a simple ride around the neighborhood to picnics, cookouts & even camping! Yes thats right, camping right here in good ole Brooklyn. I was a volunteer at a ranch in Howard Beach for over 3 years & used to go there for events & to take care of my lil sweety Cissy (a part shetland pony) so that was 1 of the events we did. There will be rides where we can do a lil shopping or errands, picnics, parks or along the boardwalk! You can pick which rides you want to go on or offer 1 yourself. If you dont already own a trike & cant borrow 1, I've compiled a list of places you can rent or buy 1 including 1 with a payment plan .
The rules are simple: saftey & good times go hand in hand. I have just a few basic requirements. 1st is the ok from your physician. Very basic, Other than the trike you'll need a helmet, lock & lights (I've found these items very inexpensively & provide lists) Only fee is the I.D. photo button showing you are a Trigurl! $1, $1.50 or $2 Instead of a membership card. It'll feature the Trigurlz logo, And since freedom rules we can even meet up to branch out on different excursions in 1 day. Hope to see you soon.
P.S. I dropped the contact & guest book pages. Check out forums, links & FAQ & new Articles of Interest pages! Don't see them? Click "More".

                           Club Meister's Choice

Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1896 to 1901

Five short stories 
by  H. Beam Piper

Of Withered Apples (short story) by Philip K. Dick

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Hillo lovely pipple! Im trying something different. Please check out the video page for videos & now, also photo slideshows! Yaaaa! If this turn out well, I will be making changes! Luv ya!

Explorer II - the real off road for handicapped !

Craig-Lewis Band- Where you at

The Incomparable ILuminate: Artists of Light!

The Remarkable RobotBoys!  Check out new vid!

Heres 3 videos,2 great indoor project ideas. Fairy Gardens & Miniature Gardens! & Merry Cycling!

Randy Travis & Josh Turner - Forever and Ever Amen & Your Man

June 22 2014 Parks Dept & WheelFun Rentals collaboration Adventures NYC event intervue with Wheelfun manager Tabitha by KaCee of TriGurlz Ladies Cycle club

Wheel Fun: Open at Marine Park, Riis Park Riis  Landing & Aviator Sports

 Yaaa!!!! Check Links page under "More" option for details! New locations!  Bring Your Group!  50% Off a Year of Fun! Web Discount Coupon, 2nd hour free!                                (Please check site of location you want for specific details!) 

 Wheel Fun Rentals Supports Big Brothers Big Sisters!

“Biking Buddies” Program Provides Free Rentals to Bigs and Littles Nationwide

     Join Wheel Fun Rentals at Adventures NYC 2014

Come out to Central Park on Saturday, June 21st and Marine Park on Sunday, June 22nd to get some light exercise and have a ton of fun… for FREE  Wheel Fun Rentals is opening two new locations in Queens, New York.  Flushing Meadows Corona Park and the World's Fair Marina Pier 1. The grand opening for these locations will take place on Friday, July 4th.

                      Read the press release on Articles of Interest Page

Paintings by Iris Grace, a 3  1/2 year old with an extraordinary talent to express herself through painting.  "She is Autistic and cant talk yet but is able to paint in a style far beyond her years.  We wanted to share her art to raise awareness of her condition and inspire other families in similar situations to ours".
Best wishes and kind regards,

VOLUNTEER WITH TIME'S UP!  Have fun while making a difference for the planet by becoming a Time's Up! Volunteer.

NYC Biketrain — Weekly Commute Rides to Midtown
New to bike commuting or just want some great company on your commute? Roll out with us. Most routes run once a week, usually on Thursdays or Fridays. Routes start in Ft. Greene, Harlem, Inwood, Rego Park, and Williamsburg, and run to Union Square or Midtown Manhattan. Departure times vary from 7:30 to 8:30, depending on the route.

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament Show

Check out Special Events & Contests!

See my post on the blog page. 

Friendship Lights! Meet Jack my new pal and his invention, the Friendship Light! A great idea whose time has come. From the heart & dream of a young man who wants to ligtht the way to & the path of true friendship! I couldnt agree with him more! Check out his site & get your Friendship Lights! Share the Light!